RUDA studio is artisans of unique household items from Odesa, Ukraine. Our objects are inspired by natural materials and antique artisan techniques. Each product has its function, but more resembles an object of art that touches the soul and pushes for reflection and rethinking of our cultural heritage. In our works, we restore the knowledge of Ukrainian folklore and actualise socially important environmental topics and human interaction with nature. 

As the RUDA studio explores the techniques of the folk artisans'  techniques of our country of origin, we decided to bring traditional marquetry to modern use. Combining functionality with aesthetics, we propose to consider straw as a unique material for exclusive objects.

Our studio is actively studying the ancient technique of marquetry. We have dedicated a series of pieces to it and continue to develop this trend. The origin of objects begins in the Western Ukraine, where an 80-year-old grandfather Orest collected straw for our products. He carefully sorts the straw by length and diameter, later, in our workshop, the straw goes through a stage of dyeing, after which it is inlaid into objects.

Seemingly stuck between the past and the future, the pieces are an example of a timeless object. They combine the stylization of vintage art deco with the philosophy of modern design.