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SOLOMIA Cabinet Color Scheme 3

SOLOMIA Cabinet Color Scheme 3

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Materials: solid wood (ash), rye straw inlay,
plywood, brass handles and legs.
Colours: ruby, grass, wheat, black soil
Dimensions (cm):
L 170 x H 75 x D 45
Dimensions are customizable.
Packaging dimensions (cm): L 182 x H 65 x D 57
Net weight : 70 kg
Gross weight: 110 kg
Lead time: 14-16 weeks

Care Conditions:

Wipe off dust with a damp or dry cloth or brush. Do not use aggressive or abrasive detergents.

Storage Requirements:

1. Store in a dry, ventilated room. 2. The product is made of solid wood, i.e. living material.Therefore, do not store in rooms with high temperature differences: high humidity, too dry room,near fireplaces, radiators, under direct air flows of air conditioner. 3. In the first days after placing the product into the house, you need to let the product to acclimatizeand adapt to environmental conditions, without artificial heating or cooling of the room.

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